How McDonald’s apprenticeships are boosting youth skills for ambitious staff 

When it comes to staff development and progression, K Foley LTD leads the way, giving team members exciting opportunities to learn and grow their careers. 

We currently have twelve apprentices across the franchise and our staff members are continuously adding to their skills and gaining valuable experience which helps them in all aspects of their lives. 

That’s why we’re keen to celebrate World Skills Day (July 15), an initiative launched in 2014 by the United Nations. 

Its aim is to ‘celebrate the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work, and entrepreneurship.’ 

As the event is highlighted around the globe, two K Foley team members explain how their McDonald’s apprenticeships are helping them develop important knowledge and experience – for work and life. 


“I’ve built my skills in hospitality and am gaining knowledge I can take forward in life.” 

Jakk Jackson, 20 has completed a Level 2 Hospitality Team Member apprenticeship in partnership with Lifetime Training. He works as a shift manager at the Beccles restaurant. 

“Completing the apprenticeship has been great for me,” says Jakk. “I learned about lots of different methods of food service, this included the counter service style we offer at McDonald’s but I also learned about fine dining service styles, as well as other methods, which is all great knowledge to have for my career as I moved forward. 

“I also completed a project which was based on how I could make improvements to the restaurant I work in. This was quite business-focussed and included learning about what benefits the improvements would have and how much they would cost etc. It was really interesting and something I feel I could apply to other projects or ideas. 

“The new skills I’ve gained from this apprenticeship include knowledge of the hospitality industry and what customers look for when they visit us.  

“These skills have benefited me as a shift leader. I now look to implement them through my own actions and attitude to work and also through my team. 

“Being a shift manager is a great position to be in – especially at a young age. It’s providing me with skills and knowledge I can take forward in life.  

 “At the moment I plan on remaining at McDonald’s and am considering further progression while being open to any other opportunities that might appeal to me. I feel like I am becoming equipped with some very good skills to take me forward.” 



“My confidence is boosted and I can adapt to new situations better” 

Amber Poole, 22, completed a Level 2 Hospitality Team Member apprenticeship in partnership with Lifetime Training, followed by a Level 3 Hospitality Supervisor qualification. She is a Second Assistant Manager at the K Foley Gapton Hall McDonald’s restaurant.  

 “My apprenticeship helped me learn lots of great skills in hospitality and how they relate not only to my job role but also other hospitality businesses. 

“Learning these skills means I now feel more able to adapt to different ideas and situations that might arise within my workplace. My role here and my apprenticeships at McDonald’s have given me the skills to be able to be more confident. 

“My hopes now are to progress further within the business and develop my skills even more. I know that I have gained knowledge which will serve me well no matter where the future takes me.” 



We’re always keen to support and encourage our people to undertake the qualifications available to boost their learning and development. 

For anyone interested in taking on a qualification as part of their role, the majority are open for enrolment throughout the year, although a couple are only open during specific windows each year.  

Team members can contact Culture and Wellbeing Manager Simon Bean or ask their People Manager or Business Manager. The main criteria for enrolling are that you work at least 16 hours per week, have been resident in the UK for at least 3 years and are not in any other form of active education while completing an apprenticeship.




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