Champions of the month May

At K Foley we’re very proud of our people and the hard work and high standards of our teams.

Our employees go above and beyond when it comes to delivering great quality and service and their efforts are always recognised – not just by their immediate team but by all members of the K Foley group.

We like to shine a spotlight on our star staff, awarding a champion of the month to a team member from each of our restaurants.

Congratulations to all our champions of the month.

May 2024

Store #150 King's Lynn

150 Nojus Ivanauskas

Champion - Nojus

Congratulations to Nojus, our Champion of the Month for May. Nojus excels in every station, consistently going above and beyond in following procedures and minimising wait times for food. He promptly handles danger zones and maintains clean as you go to a high standard. Always eager to help, Nojus follows manager directions and guides others when needed. Keep up the great work, Nojus.

Store: #180 Gt. Yarmouth Regent Road

180 Connor Yaxley

Champion - Connor

Connor is our Champion of the Month for May. Over recent months, Connor has significantly stepped up, supporting every shift he works. Managers consistently praise him for being an invaluable asset to the night shifts. Connor is proficient at all stations and assists wherever needed. This award recognises his hard work and dedication, especially during our increased business since Gapton’s closure. Thank you, Connor, from Kyle, Jordan, and the management team.

Store #592 Wroxham

592 Kirsty Hall

Champion - Kirsty

Kirsty brings a positive attitude to every shift, serving as a role model to her co-workers. She ensures the store is prepared for the day and leaves everything stocked and clean for the evening shift. Kirsty is dedicated to training, ensuring the training report is always available for crew trainers. Her leadership helps the store reach its targets. Thank you for your hard work, Kirsty. It is greatly appreciated.

Store: #607 Tuckswood

Champion - Joe

Although Joe is relatively new, his dedication and hard work have impressed the team. Joe puts in extra effort on every shift, stays longer when needed, and excels at learning every station quickly. He is proactive in seeking new tasks and supports others with their responsibilities. Great work, Joe.

Store: #661 Campbells Meadow

Champion - Tho

Despite starting just this month, Tho has demonstrated outstanding performance, effective communication about Uber orders at the front counter, and impressive speed. He is polite, friendly, and always willing to take on extra shifts and tasks. Keep up the excellent work, Tho.

Store: #669 Beccles

669 Francesca Buffin

Champion - Fran

Since joining us in August 2021, Fran has consistently brought happiness and positivity to her shifts. Working part-time and taking extra shifts, she ensures a smooth-running operation, uses her experience to deliver exceptional customer service, and shows initiative in developing her skills further. Thank you, Fran, for your dedication and hard work.

Store: #681 Gt. Yarmouth Gapton Hall

681 Russell Marriott

Champion - Russell

Having joined six months ago, Russell has embraced his role and enjoys engaging with customers. He is hardworking and serious about his job. Since the refurb of Gapton, he has adapted well at Asda, learning new skills and supporting his team during busy times. In his spare time, Russell enjoys playing pool and football. Thank you, Russell, on behalf of the management team.

Store #1238 Norwich Airport

1238 Megan Hammond

Champion - Megan

Joseph always comes to work with a smile, showing his enthusiasm and willingness to learn new stations each shift. He also provides our customers with the gold standard service they expect – thank you for all your hard and continuous work, it’s a pleasure to have you in shifts. Keep up the good work.

Store #1405 West Lynn

1405 Lewis Robinson

Champion - Lewis

Having worked with us for two years, Lewis brings a positive attitude and a strong work ethic to every shift. He assists in all areas of the store and is an enthusiastic sportsman, playing football at a high local standard. Thank you, Lewis, for your contributions and dedication.

Store: #1408 Broadlands

1408 Freya Newby

Champion - Freya

Freya consistently arrives with a positive attitude and provides excellent customer service. She completes tasks to a high standard, shows initiative during quiet periods, and supports her colleagues during busy times. Freya’s deep understanding of our products allows her to address customer queries confidently. Thank you, Freya, for your hard work and dedication.

Store: #1562 Snetterton

1562 Alfie Nelson

Champion - Alfie

Alfie works tirelessly to achieve fast service times, whether on drive-thru or in-store. He brings his personality to customer interactions, enhancing customer satisfaction. Alfie is eager to learn new skills and helps in various store areas, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently. Great work, Alfie, and thank you for your dedication.

Store: #1609 Cromer

1609 Taylor Smith

Champion - Tina

As a dedicated team member since the store opened, Tina is admired for her fantastic personality and extensive knowledge. She excels in her role as a Crew Trainer, supporting and coaching both new and experienced staff. Tina consistently gives her best on every shift and looks for ways to improve and uphold our high standards. Congratulations and thank you, Tina.

Store: #1618 Gt. Yarmouth ASDA

1618 Kyle Bates

Champion - Kyle

Kyle is a dedicated team member who supports the management team every shift. He leads by example, using his initiative and consistently receiving praise from customers for his helpfulness and positive attitude. Well done, Kyle, and thank you for all you do.

Store: #1627 Broadland Gate

1627 Bipin Prajapati

Champion - Bipin

Bipin is an excellent crew member with a high work ethic. He strives to deliver gold standard QSC on every shift and ensures his colleagues have a great work experience. Bipin willingly takes on extra tasks and assists anyone who needs help. Congratulations, Bipin, on this well-deserved recognition.


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