Champions of the month July 2022

At K Foley we’re very proud of our people and the hard work and high standards of our teams.

Our employees go above and beyond when it comes to delivering great quality and service and their efforts are always recognised – not just by their immediate team but by all members of the K Foley group.

We like to shine a spotlight on our star staff, awarding a champion of the month to a team member from each of our restaurants.

Congratulations to all our champions of the month.

July 2022

Store: #180 Gt. Yarmouth Regent Road

180 Nick Mencarini-Clarke

Champion - Nick

Nick started working for us in December 2020, since then he has been an asset to the team. With his consistent hard work and flexibility, he has helped greatly to produce Quality, Service and Care to a high standard within the restaurant. In his spare time, he likes to play the piano and guitar, and spending quality time with his girlfriend and friends. Well done, Nick – keep up the great work.

Store: #607 Tuckswood

607 Soul Graham

Champion - Soul

Soul joined Tuckswood in December last year and is now a very reliable member of our team. He is always positive, hard-working and is never afraid to take on a new challenge. Soul is regularly recognised for his customer service skills and has a fantastic impact on every shift he works. He is incredibly helpful in any way he can be and has recently impressed us with his efforts working overnight shifts. Soul has become a strong and dependable Crew Member at our store, well done and keep up the good work.

Store: #669 Beccles

669 Jordan Ellery

Champion - Jordan

Jordan is an asset to the team at Beccles. He completes all tasks assigned to him no questions asked and always ensures they are completed to the highest standard. Jordan maintains great Quality, Service and Care, ensuring that the product he produces is gold standard. He is always willing to help other members of staff when they need it and is always willing to stay on to help complete unfinished tasks. Thank you for your hard work, Jordan. It has not gone unnoticed and we appreciate your efforts.
Keep it up.

Store: #681 Gt. Yarmouth Gapton Hall

681 Liam McGee

Champion - Liam

Liam joined the team back in June 2017. He works for us full-time and has always been known for working the overnight shifts and supporting the business by having a positive attitude and displaying the McDonald’s Vital Ingredients, making sure our customers receive Gold Standard Quality, Service and Care. Liam is a genuinely nice and polite person that lets his personality shine through. It has been nice having him back on some day shifts so that he can develop himself further, as well as build relationships with new members of our team. Liam enjoys socialising as much as possible and likes football, supporting Arsenal and has an interest in darts. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Well done and keep up the good work.

Store #1238 Norwich Airport

1238 Daniel Brown

Champion - Daniel

Daniel has recently become an essential part of each shift. He remains positive in busy and stressful periods which goes a long way in making sure the shift runs smoothly. His customer interactions always end positively and he thinks of the best solutions. He is a strong Crew Member both at the front of house and in the kitchen, meaning he’s flexible and can help anywhere and everywhere. He is always willing to do this. Thank you for your hard work, Daniel, keep it up.

Store: #1408 Broadlands

1408 Owen Potts

Champion - Owen

Owen is a hard-working member of the Brundall McFamily. Owen always comes in and gets stuck into the shift, he knows what is expected of him and ensures he completes his job to a high standard. He supports all managers on shift when in the kitchen and often helps complete extra jobs too. He ensures he sets himself targets to beat on shift and encourages other to do so too. Thank you, Owen, for all your hard work and making sure you keep those muffin toasters sparkling.

Store: #1562 Snetterton

1562 Grace Gentry

Champion - Grace

Grace is a valued member of our team; she always makes sure to come in for every shift on time and makes sure she is always presentable. When interacting with customers and crew Grace always has a positive attitude and makes sure they have a memorable experience. Grace willingly works extra shifts where needed and prioritises Quality, Service and Care during every shift which helps the shift run smoothly, helps the managers and all other crew. Thank you and keep up the great work, Grace.

Store: #1609 Cromer

1609 Chloe Moore

Champion - Chloe

Chloe joined us from day one and over the recent months has proved how dependable she is – often ensuring areas are prepped and stocked ready for the business. She happily takes trainees under her wing and teaches them well. She has a great relationship with other staff and customers. Chloe is also very inquisitive asking many questions to help better herself. Well done Chloe and keep up the great work.

Store: #1618 Gt. Yarmouth ASDA

1618 Daniel Quirke

Champion - Daniel

Dan is our employee of the month for July – he always comes to work with a positive attitude. Displaying all the behaviours needed in a team player; Dan is constantly wanting to help others ensuring everyone's workload is shared evenly. Thoroughly deserved Dan and from all the management team, thank you and keep up the good work.

Store: #1627 Broadland Gate

1627 Adam Youngs

Champion - Adam

Adam is a hard-working and talented crew member. He always puts 100% effort into everything he does and is always looking to see what else he can learn. He is adept at running the front and will take on any responsibility given. He works towards our store targets and when it comes to training, he is always more than happy to help any new starters with any issues. Adam is well on his way to becoming a Crew Trainer and will no doubt progress further if he continues this way. Well done, Adam – thank you for your continued hard work.


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