Champions of the month December

At K Foley we’re very proud of our people and the hard work and high standards of our teams.

Our employees go above and beyond when it comes to delivering great quality and service and their efforts are always recognised – not just by their immediate team but by all members of the K Foley group.

We like to shine a spotlight on our star staff, awarding a champion of the month to a team member from each of our restaurants.

Congratulations to all our champions of the month.

December 2023

Store #150 King's Lynn

150 Rwen Mikhail Lu

Champion - Rwen

Our Champion of the Month for December is Rwen. Rwen has been with us since October 2023. He has really impressed the management team with his hard work and dedication. On shift Rwen always put his all into learning new areas in the restaurant. He is always helping others out on their station, helping them to learn and gain more confidence. Keep up the great work, Rwen.

Store: #180 Gt. Yarmouth Regent Road

180 Irma Martuseviciute

Champion - Irma

Our Champion of the Month for December is Irma. She is friendly, reliable, and always brings her best self to work. Irma continues to grow from strength to strength, working the front counter efficiently and serving all our guests with her warm and welcoming personality. No job is ever too big, and she will complete all assigned tasks to the highest possible standard. Thank you, Irma.

Store #592 Wroxham

592 Dexter Gwilliam

Champion - Dexter

Our Champion of the Month for December is Dexter, who is an extremely polite and friendly member of the team, always willing to complete whatever is asked of him to a high standard. His confidence continues to grow on every shift. Dexters fantastic willingness to learn and improve each day has really impressed the management team. We are amazed at the great progress he has made in just a few months and can’t wait to see how far he can go. Thank you, Dexter, for all your great work.

Store: #607 Tuckswood

Champion - Morgan

Our Champion of the Month for December is Morgan; she is an exceptionally hardworking member of the team at Tuckswood. She is trained on all stations and one of our top initiators in the kitchen, ensuring customers are served their food quickly and always gold standard. Keep up the great work, Morgan.

Store: #661 Campbells Meadow

Champion - Aaron

Our Champion of the Month for December is Aaron. Over the festive period Aaron has been a huge help in supporting the customer experience. He has helped to encourage highly satisfied feedback in the restaurant and has also gone above and beyond to learn new areas within the restaurant so he can help during peak periods. Thanks for all your hard work, keep it up.

Store: #669 Beccles

669 Anish Jeeva

Champion - Anish

Our Champion of the Month for December is Anish. He always ensures that he fulfils his station to the highest of standards. Anish always ensures his stations run efficiently. He will always support his team at any given chance. Anish always goes above and beyond in the evening to ensure that the cleaning tasks are completed to highest standard. Thank you, Anish.

Store: #681 Gt. Yarmouth Gapton Hall

681 Cirsten Ireland-Edes

Champion - Cirsten

Our Champion of the Month for December is Cirsten. She is such a vital member of the team, always bringing such a positive attitude to every shift. Cristen is always willing to help anyone out on shift. She is a pleasure to work with her. Well done, Cirsten, keep up the fantastic work.

Store #1238 Norwich Airport

1238 Dexter Parker

Champion - Dexter

Our Champion of the Month for December is Dexter. Dexter comes to work with a smile on every single shift providing the best service to our customers making every moment special. During this month he have supported each station he has worked on and ensured his colleagues have had the support when needed to. Keep up the great.

Store #1405 West Lynn

1405 Harvey Bargewell

Champion - Harvey

Our Champion of the Month for December is Harvey. Harvey has a fantastic knowledge of all procedures and consistently delivers on the expectations set. He is an asset to any shift and will always support where needed. Well done and thank you, Harvey.

Store: #1408 Broadlands

1408 Harvey Wilson

Champion - Harvey

Our Champion of the Month for December is Harvey; he has work at the restaurant for 2 years. In this time, he has developed his knowledge on all stations within the store to a high standard which led to his crew trainer promotion earlier in the year. On shift Harvey takes responsibility for his area and will regularly run the kitchen in support of the Shift Manager. He always lets his personality shine through which contributes to the enjoyable working atmosphere. Harvey will take on any challenge given to him with a positive mindset to produce the best results. Thank you, Harvey.

Store: #1562 Snetterton

1562 Rory Smith

Champion - Rory

Our Champion of the Month for is Rory. Since joining the team Rory has always made a conscious effort to come into every shift with a smile, he is always putting a smile on our customers’ faces. and is determined to get to the top of the drive thru leaderboard each shift. Rory’s hard work and dedication to the team and the store does not go unnoticed. Well done, Rory.

Store: #1609 Cromer

1609 Will Baker

Champion - Will

Our Champion of the Month for December is Will. He always ensures he does his best on shift and is always supporting the managers in any way that he can. Will completes any task without hesitation. Recently Will has become more rotatable around the store and is a key part of the closing team. All the managers speak highly of Will and enjoy having him on their shifts. Thank you for all your hard work, Will.

Store: #1618 Gt. Yarmouth ASDA

1618 Helen Segolo

Champion - Helen

Our Champion of the Month for December is Helen. She maintains high standards of QSC and CAYG. Helen always makes sure her station is stocked, clean and ready to go. She has an excellent willingness to help, whether this is flexing onto another station, or coaching someone else. She always puts the customer first, ensuring that they have everything they need when visiting the restaurant. Thank you for all your hard work, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Store: #1627 Broadland Gate

1627 Emily Dawson

Champion - Emily

Our Champion of the Month for December is Emily. She is a superstar. Emily is one of the strongest members of staff we have. She is a great Crew Trainer; she really gets stuck in with any training needs for the Crew and is always willing to help train anyone on a station they are not confident on. She is an eager learner, always wanting to learn anything new and get herself trained on areas she is less confident on. Emily will always strive to give gold standards and is excellent with all customers. Emily is an asset to our team. Thank for all of your hard work, Emily, keep it up.


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