K Foley boss joins convoy of 21 vans delivering humanitarian aid to Ukraine

In April, K Foley’s LTD’s CEO was grateful to be able to join a convoy of vehicles which took humanitarian aid to the Ukraine border.

The trip was arranged and led by Simon Feneron from the Banningham Crown Pub and saw a total of 21 vans travel 2,700 miles to deliver items ranging from trauma aid kits, to sleeping bags and toiletries for Ukrainians fleeing war.

Mr Foley’s involvement in the mammoth trip, which included dozens of other local businesses, came about as images of war-torn Ukraine began to surface in the UK and the plight of the country’s people was highlighted.

Kevin said: “I was watching the news with my son, Elliot, who is 18. It was showing harrowing footage of women and children being parted from sons and husbands who were having to stay behind to go to war. Elliot turned to me and said ‘that would be us, we would have to leave our family behind’.

“It really hit home and we both knew in that moment we wanted to try to do something to help.

“I had seen that so many people were making donations of either goods or money towards the aid efforts and I wanted to do something where I could be sure our donations were making it to right place. 

“I decided I wanted to actually drive over to the border and started chatting to others about the logistics of doing something like that.

“That was when I heard about the amazing efforts of Simon Feneron, whose family owns the Banningham Crown pub. He had already done a run over to Poland and was way ahead of me.

“Along with many others he had organised a fleet of vans to make the long drive to deliver aid. I was really grateful to be able to join that group and take the total of vehicles on the trip up to 21.

“I set up an Amazon wish list so that people who wanted to donate could see what supplies were needed and the donations started coming in – I was getting 15 to 20 deliveries a day and am just so amazed at the response.”

The huge convoy of vans was split into different groups to make strategic drops including at a rotary club in Berlin, a drop-off point in Romania and another point one mile from the Ukraine border.

“It was a very sobering trip,” explains Kevin. “We could really feel just how much help was needed and what also became very clear was that there are so many issues behind the scenes that just aren’t reported here in the UK, so the situation for people fleeing war is worse than we can even imagine.

“To see the worry and pain on these people’s faces just makes you want to do whatever you can to help and gives you a real insight into what is actually needed.”

Mr Foley’s van was filled with trauma kits, sleeping bags, generators, camp beds and cooking stoves and first aid kits, while others contained clothes, food, toiletries and medical supplies. 

While the trip was difficult, Kevin explained how it only served to highlight the horrors faced by those in Ukraine.

“Yes, it was out of my comfort zone – I have never driven across Europe before and none of us really had a clear idea of exactly what we’d be driving into.



“But our journey was nothing whatsoever compared to the ongoing journeys of Ukrainians, and I was very aware that I had my home and my family to return to and that the people of Ukraine have no idea how long it will be for them to be able to do the same.”

Though the journey was a sobering one, Mr Foley says he is incredibly proud of all of those who were part of the effort and very thankful for having been able to join the team.

“I feel very proud of all these people who voluntarily gave up their time to make the trip. So many great people came together, totally out of their comfort zone, driven by a desire to help. I was just one of a large team of people who are doing amazing things. 

“It does show that despite the horrors of the world there is still so much good out there and that we can come together to make a difference. 

“I’m very grateful to have been included in the trip and really hope we can do more in the future. We are already talking about new ways to support the Ukrainians and it won’t be the last of our efforts.

“We’d like to look at even better ways of making people’s donations go even further and we’ll be getting together for a meeting shortly about the next steps we take to support those in need.”


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