Champions of the month January

At K Foley we’re very proud of our people and the hard work and high standards of our teams.

Our employees go above and beyond when it comes to delivering great quality and service and their efforts are always recognised – not just by their immediate team but by all members of the K Foley group.

We like to shine a spotlight on our star staff, awarding a champion of the month to a team member from each of our restaurants.

Congratulations to all our champions of the month.

January 2023

Store: #180 Gt. Yarmouth Regent Road

180 Kerrie Wiggans

Champion - Kerrie

Kerrie has worked at the store for three months since returning after having her daughter. She is working toward becoming a Crew Trainer and is fantastic support on shift for the Managers. In her spare time Kerrie has just qualified for the British and European Championships in powerlifting which is a fantastic achievement. Well done on all your success Kerrie!

Store: #607 Tuckswood

Champion - Alfie

Alfie has worked at Tuckswood since August last year. In this time, he has impressed with his positive attitude and drive to learn. Alfie always comes to work with a smile on his face, ready for the shift ahead. He consistently goes above and beyond to help those around him and is a fantastic influence on other Crew members. Alfie has become one of our most reliable and strongest Crew on the front counter, ensuring customers are the top priority and providing fantastic customer service. Well done, Alfie.

Store: #669 Beccles

669 Ethan Hodds

Champion - Ethan

Ethan has been with us since September 2021 and has become a vital part of our team. He is very dependable and always comes in for extra shifts when asked. He has taken control of his own development by proactively seeking to learn all front and kitchen stations and taking pride in his self-development. He is also interested in furthering his career and has shown a keenness to become a Crew Trainer within the store. He has great initiative and is always willing to lend a helping hand to his colleagues when needed. He has a great rapport with all the team which reflects in the way he communicates and works on his shifts. He completes any task given to him to a high standard, and always seeks extra tasks to complete too. Ethan is a pleasure to work with, keep up the good work.

Store: #681 Gt. Yarmouth Gapton Hall

681 Jacob Balagan

Champion - Jacob

Jacob is a tremendous asset to the team at Gapton Hall. He works weekend morning shifts and is a key part in our success on busy weekends. Jacob continues to excel and build on his knowledge, often approaching managers asking to learn new things/tasks. He has very high standards and can be relied upon to work any station in the kitchen and smash it. Jacob plays football in his spare time and supports Manchester United - he even believes this is their year. Well done, Jacob.

Store #1238 Norwich Airport

1238 Harry Blanchflower

Champion - Harry

Harry is a valued member of the team and strives to make sure he gives the best possible outcome on every shift. He is always happy and helps out others in need on all stations. He is a great asset to the team and a pleasure to work with. He has a positive attitude no matter what. As a team we thank you for all your hard work and appreciate all that you do. Well done, Harry.

Store: #1408 Broadlands

1408 Harvey Wilson

Champion - Harvey

Harvey joined our team in November 2021 and works part time whilst at college. Harvey is very hard working and always uses his initiative to get jobs done without being asked. He is an essential part of the team at 1408, mainly working in the kitchen, he always makes sure the food is gold standard every time. He also helps others when they need it and is actively working towards gaining all his stars so he can join the crew trainer program. Thank you, Harvey, and well done for all your hard work and help from all the management team at 1408. Keep up the good work.

Store: #1562 Snetterton

1562 Paris Cox

Champion - Paris

Since working here Paris has really impressed the management team with her hard work on shift, going the extra mile with each customer. Paris is always willing to come in for extra shifts if needed and has a really positive attitude and always displays the Vital Ingredients, so that our customers receive Gold Standard Quality, Service and Care. Keep up the good work.

Store: #1609 Cromer

1609 Katie Austin

Champion - Katie

Katie is a very friendly and helpful staff member. In her short time with us she actively takes a part in our Drive-Thru challenges and loves to see how far up the DTS she can get. She has already had some good feedback through Food for Thoughts on a number of occasions because of how friendly and happy she is. Never without a smile on her face, managers value having her on shift which is why she is our Champion of the Month. Well done, Katie, keep up the great work.

Store: #1618 Gt. Yarmouth ASDA

1618 Kyle Bates

Champion - Kyle

Kyle has been here a short while but has made quite an impression. Every station he has learned he has excelled at. Kyle takes on every challenge with great enthusiasm and a smile on his face. He knows what needs to be done and does everything he can to do it. Kyle is an asset to our team and we are glad to have him on board. Great work, Kyle.

Store: #1627 Broadland Gate

1627 Danielle Ramsbottom

Champion - Danielle

Danielle is a hardworking and reliable member of the team who comes in every day and helps the managers ensure food safety and quality standards are met. She is more than capable on all stations and is an asset to every single shift. Through her years of service she has shown she has the capabilities to adapt to new procedures and constantly strives to ensure our store is performing well. She is an unmatched member of our staff and brings a great positive influence to all crew, every day. Well done, Danielle.


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