Champions of the month May

At K Foley we’re very proud of our people and the hard work and high standards of our teams.

Our employees go above and beyond when it comes to delivering great quality and service and their efforts are always recognised – not just by their immediate team but by all members of the K Foley group.

We like to shine a spotlight on our star staff, awarding a champion of the month to a team member from each of our restaurants.

Congratulations to all our champions of the month.

May 2023

Store: #180 Gt. Yarmouth Regent Road

180 Jamie Page

Champion - Jamie

Jamie has worked with us at Regent Road for over two years now, within this time he has developed a brilliant understanding of procedures and how to deliver Quality, Service & Care with every customer. He’s fully flexible on all stations so is a great support on shift during busy periods helping his peers and supporting managers. In his spare time, he plays 5-a-side football every week and enjoys keeping fit and spending time at the gym. Jamie is a massive support to our team and we are grateful for all the effort he puts in. Thank you and keep up the hard work.

Store: #607 Tuckswood

Champion - Sean

Mr Tuckswood has done it again. With his constant hard work and dedication, Sean never fails to make a positive impact in any store he is in. He has flown the Tuckswood colours proud over the course of our recent refurb closure, helping Brundall and saving Broadland Gate from flooding, nothing is ever too much trouble for this man. He is a wonderful role model and a pleasure to work with. A true Tuckswood Titan. Thank you for all the work you do Sean. We all really appreciate you.

Store: #669 Beccles

669 Alice Downie

Champion - Alice

Alice started in our team at Beccles back in June 2021. Since then, Alice has strived to be the best at what she does. She is ace at in-store work and her interaction with customers is unbelievable. Alice always goes above and beyond no matter what. Thank you for all your hard work and determination Alice and keep up with the great work.

Store: #681 Gt. Yarmouth Gapton Hall

681 Seth Jones

Champion - Seth

Seth has been with us for nearly two years and has gone from strength to strength constantly standing out on shift. Seth is always a pleasure to have around with his bubbly and hardworking attitude. There’s no job Seth won’t do to ensure the customer’s experience is the best it can Everyone in the store feels this has been a long time coming for Seth! So, on behalf of all the management team thank you for all your hard work a true deserving winner.

Store #1238 Norwich Airport

1238 Emily Bloomfield

Champion - Emily

Since starting with us Emily has shown great enthusiasm and this makes a great impact on the shift and others around her. She is willing to learn and help others as much as she can with a kind and gentle manor. She respects each and every member of staff and her customer skills are fantastic. Keep up the good work and thank you for all you do.

Store: #1408 Broadlands

1408 Chris Healey

Champion - Chris

Chris is a key member of our overnight team who can be relied upon to carry out all overnight tasks to a high standard in a timely manner. He has great knowledge on Quality, Service & Care as well as all safety security and food hygiene procedures. Nothing is ever too much to ask of Chris and he always supports the management team. We appreciate the hard work he puts in. Thank you, Chris.

Store: #1562 Snetterton

1562 Owen Harvey

Champion - Owen

Owen is a hardworking member of staff who always brings a positive attitude to the shift, he’s always friendly to both crew and customers and ensures that he provides great Quality, Service & Care in all aspects of the job. He is always willing to learn new stations and ensures a good standard is served. Keep up the great work.

Store: #1609 Cromer

1609 Zak Nicholls

Champion - Zak

Zak has a great attitude to work and is always looking to help people out and do his best on every shift. He has a very friendly personality that is a great asset when talking to the customers and as a result had some great reviews from the customers. Keep up the great work.

Store: #1618 Gt. Yarmouth ASDA

1618 Shannon Gibson

Champion - Shannon

Shannon helped to open the Asda store back in June 2021 and has been a key part of the success in that time. Shannon is a hard worker, great role model and is versatile across all areas of the store. Shannon is also considered a Drive Thru queen at the store. She is a very well-deserved winner of Employee of the Month. Thank you and great work.

Store: #1627 Broadland Gate

1627 Aaron Edwards

Champion - Aaron

Aaron has been a great member of the team since joining the store. He is always happy to help out and flex between stations ensuring customers get gold standards all around. Aaron brings a really positive attitude to any shift he is on, encouraging all crew to be like him and work super hard at all times. He is really friendly and welcoming to all new starters and customers and is a very valuable member of the team. Thanks for your hard work, Aaron.

Store #592 Wroxham

592 Lois Marriott

Champion - Lois

Lois never fails to arrive on time with a big smile on her face. She always gives 110% striving to exceed customer expectations and smash her targets. Day by day her confidence improves as she looks to progress even further. Lois has really become a part of the furniture during a weekend morning and they wouldn’t be the same without her. She always brightens up the day whenever she’s in, it is a real pleasure to see her improve week in week out. Thank you, Lois, for always being a hardworking ‘queen.’  


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